Vehicle Reconditioning

We know the harsh Canadian winters can have a negative effect on you vehicle, causing body damage and electrical issues. J&E Truck Service has experience in reconditioning and re-building vehicles from the ground up. We can do anything from swapping frames to building a complete unit on an existing chassis. Dont just scrap your investment, contacting us and we will get it back in top running condition! No truck is too old, as long as she has a diesel engine, she can go forever!

Optic cables connected to router ports
Electrical can be one of the trickiest problems on a vehicle. We specialize in electrical and have experience in electrical engineering, and can do everything from minor electrical repairs like lighting issues to major issues like replacing a harness and re-wiring a complete unit. If you have an electrical issue that has been bothering you, give us a call! We can schedule an appointment to come onsite at your convenience!