Service & Repair

At J&E Truck Service, we know the key ingredient for your trucking business is your fleet. It is crucial to have your vehicles on the road safely and operating at a hundred percent. When your trucks are down, that is money out of your pocket. We all know that breakdowns happen suddenly and unexpectedly.. and when they do occur, you need your unit fixed promptly and efficiently so it can get back on the road and get the job done. Your fleet is the key ingredient to your business and at J&E Truck Service, we understand that! We guarantee offer top quality work to OEM standards OR HIGHER, we also offer the most competitive rates in the industry! Why pay over $100/hr for a licensed and experienced truck and coach technician?? And why pay for an expensive tow truck? We offer dealership quality work at at the most competitive prices AND we are mobile! If there is anything you need, let us know! We are here for you! 5 days a week! 613-655-9553